How To Achieve Goals From A Rich Man (Who Was Unable To Achieve His)

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A well known story in the Bible tells of how a rich man went to Jesus and asked him what he must do to go to Heaven.
Jesus told him to obey the commandments that were given to him and to love his neighbor.
The rich man replied that he does love his neighbor and follows the commandments every day and then asked what else he needed to do.
Jesus told him to sell all of his belongings and follow him.
The rich man then dropped his head dejectedly and quietly walked away.
The purpose of this story is not so much to teach a Biblical lesson, but to show you why most people don't fully achieve their goals.
Like the rich man in the Bible, many of us put only a half-hearted effort into achieving our goals and dreams.
Moreover, we put forth an effort only to the extent to where it doesn't put us into too much of an inconvenience.
In the story of the rich man in the Bible, his goal was to go to Heaven and was even willing to do some of the things necessary to go to Heaven, but when it came to sacrificing what he valued the most, he finally realized where his goal of getting to Heaven stood relative to his belongings.
Many of us are the much the same way when we start out on setting goals.
We may do some of the things necessary to achieve them, such as buying how-to books and DVDs if say, our goal is to learn a skill.
However, when when it comes to putting forth the necessary sacrifices, such as taking time off our schedule for classes or coaching, many of us are unwilling to do what is necessary to go to the next level of greatness.
A lot of times, when setting goals, we are enamored of the results of that goal (fame, money or other rewards) but not so much the work and, just as important, the sacrifices involved in achieving our goals.

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