The Race is Not For the Swift

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CONFUSION: Doorway Into Mode of Cosmic Enlightenment Confusion is the doorway to cosmic enlightenment.
Not knowing what you are doing, or how you are going to make it is a perfectly wonderful place to be.
It allows for the new avenue of expression to enter.
You are standing in a place of superb surrender where the NEW season will arrive bringing with the 'not yet' entertained adventure.
A stocked full treasure of elements in yourself that you've not discovered and unleashed are knocking at the door of your present life, ready to come in.
if any man hear me at the door knocking, I shall come in to sup with him and him with me,,," {paraphrased} Unless you relinquish the 'supposed' hold you THINK you have on your life, (resisting, fighting, trying to prove you are right, or need someone to pay homage)you remain struggling in a pointless uphill battle.
The excessive chaos surrounding you involves a process of elimination and renewal.
You simply need to stand in the midst of the whirlwind.
Learning how to withstand the forces of the turbulent chaotic winds blowing will take time moving into another level of yourself which up until this point has remained obscured.
Until you are receptive enough to withstand the perils of truth associated with 'dropping out of the rat race', blinders keep you insulated.
Truth stands while the rest falls away.
It requires an enormous amount of pain soaked events to wear away layers of pretense.
Removal of emotional debris is a tedious and time consuming task not entered into lightly.
{sorta like vows in marriage} The procedure will not occur until you have been sufficiently prepared by enough unpleasant circumstances.
"Hurt Me One More Time, Please!" One does not have to stop moving in order to be still.
The act of slowing down involves a complete surrender of the mind.
Does that mean your mind has to go blank? No.
It is possible to run a marathon in the quickest of strides along with five hundred more individuals and yet remain still.
In fact, the successful runner cannot run otherwise.
Becoming still absorbs the totality of your energy forcing you to become more subdued, focused and concentrated.
The caustic plight you have found yourself engulfed in does not occur on the outside.
It is an inward atrociously fed, fueled and maintained combat.
Nothing is happening on the outside of you though you may believe differently.
Many false walls are crumbling.
You can't outrun the karmic implications involved, nor are you supposed to.
Now is the time to embrace the day with all its apparent difficulties and complexities without the preset interpretive assumptive value you add.
Stillness implies a subtlety of spirit that fuses you with your sacred essence without your conscious participation.
Carried away in a rapturous state whereby you are no longer separated from the present act in which you're engaged.
The events are completely 'natural and convenient.
' Perfect balance attained.
No longer any sensation of competitiveness or convolution of thoughts; you merely float on the vibrantly charged river to its preordained destination.
No thought is attached to outcome.
No insult can be added by trying to aid or block the flow.
Any agitation experienced complicates the arrival but does not subdue it.
A slowing down process invokes life's most exhilarating awareness.
No other event can be hewn down to such a finite proportion of explosive repose.
It's simply a matter of refusing to be rushed, hurried or worried over the situation at hand.
Observing, celebrating and receiving the person, place and present occurrence with full impact in resonance becomes a quiet reverent expression.
While others are hurrying, scurrying, and bustling about, you're realizing there's no reason for concern whatsoever.
In an absolute reassured and calmed state, you are more than able to 'practically' {no hocus pocus involved} be conscious of another dimension of time or space occurring in which all things work unobstructed.
In this sphere of activity, you will not follow the crowd.
You are incapable of listening to their incessant pleas of frenzied needs and concerns.
Consistently unmoved, you are at a peace that passes all understanding.
Unwavering stilled diligence possessed by your sanctioned purposed heart dictate your moves.
You will observe rather indifferently that your thoughts and actions are consistently out of sync with others, but you do not care.
In fact, you realize quite vividly, there's nothing to CARE about.
Induce the wonderment of this magical personal space by not being shifted to respond.
REMEMBER: Life is an impossible inconsequential dance without the contribution of your divine will.
To be prompted to act by another's desire or need is to obliterate your own designated quest.
Nothing's rewarded beyond the integrity of your own soul's grand intent.
When is the last time you ceased all agitated activity? Moving through the day events without even a much as an eye brow being raised by an off handed remark? In order to penetrate the mysterious vision of your present life, you must release the desperate clinching hold you shoulder.
You must realize with full certainty that the anxious driving sprit you possess is at odds with your current destination.
You are traveling much too heavy (serious) in your steps with an overburdened load of worry and discontent.
Get rid of the excess (emotional) baggage.
It's all in your mind! You have allowed too many vexations of turbulent distress to cause you undo unrest.
Go into the yard and watch the beautiful swaying flight of the first bird you see.
She is one with the wind upon which she rides.
She has no thought of where she is headed or why.
If she did, the melodic rhythm would be interrupted in her flight.
It is a natural progressive movement {without deliberate thought} like a mystical dance upon the air.
In order to fly, she must be without any additional weight upon her little brain.
Be like the humming bird, which is said of her, "impossible to fly".
You too can soar like the Eagle IF you release the undiluted woes you are carrying (dragging).
You are far too rigid to be flexible and free in your movements.
You are far too plan oriented.
How do you manage to laugh under such a directed plan? Do you also pencil an appointment for spontaneous laughter? Why not stick a key in your back and call you the Duracell Bunny? Your life reflects a manic procedure of acquiring.
Why? If you don't take the liberty of time and ease of mind to enjoy it, what difference does it make how much money you make? Waiting for a vacation to spend some of it? Make each moment a vacation.
Love Your Life.
Rituals of monetary expectation have become your way of life.
It is so insultingly boring! Instead of the brilliance of the unexpected joy found in the extraordinary moments dispersed throughout an ordinary day, you look and wait for better things to come.
The best is now.
It doesn't get any better than this.
This is it! You will be barred from entering this doorway of SELF-knowledge IF you don't slow down.
Get still.
Stop racing.
Life is designed to be full robust continual unceasing pleasure.
Are you engaged in such a life? If not, the resolution is found in stillness.
You do not have to forfeit your current life, just your current state of mind.
Unload the junk.
[DEBUNK THE JUNK] You are much too identified with the idea' of success without ever having stopped to take your breath.
The air you breathe is your life.
It is plentifully available.
Now, is the time to halt the excessive burdensome plans built in your mind.
You're running so fast, you'll miss the exuberance of YOU ever unfolding right before your eyes.
Don't let your eyes betray YOU.
It's not a race; it's a party! Allow the day to unfold a little more naturally and unencumbered.
Do you think you can handle that?

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