Deep Silence: Antidote to War and Fanaticism?

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The depths of the ocean is total stillness.
The surface can be choppy and tempestuous.
But the deep ocean is very still.
Spiritual science teaches that superficially we may be different.
Different races, colours, features etc.
yet in essence deep down, we are one.
We are linked, like waves in a vast ocean.
Or, you could say we each represent a cell in the cosmic body.
Any fanaticism whether religious or political is playing on the superficial aspect of human existence.
Playing on our differences rather than our unity, our oneness.
Wars are waged, murders are committed, friendships broken, all due to a perceived sense of separation.
True silence: where there are no thoughts and no judgements, gives us a glimpse of the oneness of all life.
However, silence is not dead.
There is a life in silence.
A teeming life that we slowly become aware of, once we have no thoughts flitting through our minds.
This silence shows us it is possible to know without thinking.
We become a thinker without thoughts.
We find that this silence brings a new world.
A parallel world.
A different world to the one we are accustomed to.
A world full of light, joy and power.
The beauty of true silence is that it cuts through and even dissolves psychic pollution.
The sage Ramana Maharishi, would sit in silence in front of his followers.
People would enter an altered states of consciousness in his presence.
His silence was so eloquent it dissolved all those disparate, pointless, surface thoughts.
Some people would come to him, full of questions, but once in his presence, they experienced such peace that they forgot all their questions.
All superficial thought-forms that do not vibrate with oneness and unity are dissolved in deep silence.
The world today is facing problems on a global scale.
These can only be solved by groups of people who are consciously working to manifest this peace.
To feel it and distribute it.
One solitary person doing this work is not enough.
We need at least 1 percent of the population engaging in this work.
As psychic pollution is dissolved by this silence it clears the way for entities of a powerful, light energy to work for the good of the planet.

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