Reach Your Goal by Affirming and Visualizing!

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Your thoughts determine whether you reach your goal or not.
If you are constantly in a negative state of mind or succumb to fears and doubts, then your goal will remain far from your reach.
But if you feed your mind with positive thoughts and imagine yourself having reached that goal already, then you are almost certain to reach it! Before you can even set a goal, first acknowledge that we all live in a universe overflowing in abundance.
Lack and poverty are mainly brought about by thoughts of lack and poverty.
But in reality the universe has more than enough for everyone, if only we ask and believe.
So before you think about you want, affirm the universe's abundance, that it already has what you want even before you ask for it.
Surely, then, you will have it once you ask! For your subconscious mind to totally accept this as fact, recite an affirmation everyday, like "The universe can give me anything I ask for," or something along these lines.
After having the proper state of mind, you can then start asking.
Write down your goal.
Make it very specific.
See the outcome very clearly in your mind.
Experience the outcome of your goal in your mind.
If it is your dream job, imagine walking through the office, talking to people, sitting at your desk and doing the work you love.
Use not only your sense of sight, but whatever is applicable in your imagined scene.
Do your visualization everyday, ideally upon waking up and before going to sleep.
Partner your visualization with an affirmation - affirm that you have what you want right now.
You can say "I am happily working in my dream job," or something like that.
Soon, you will attract events or circumstances that will lead to your dream job - or you might get an inspired idea on how to get your dream job.
Do your affirmations and visualizations everyday and you will surely reach your goal.

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