How to Be a Good Leader

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Many people think leaders born being leaders while others consider leaders become leaders.
Perhaps all are right however on the basis of leadership we may find a set of behaviors that can be learned.
What is leadership? It's the process where a person influence is over other persons in order to acknowledge a set of objectives; the leader leads an organization in a proper way, also leaders take responsibility of this task using its leader skills.
In other words, a person can be in charge of an enterprise but that does not make it a leader.
It's not the same being the boss than being a leader.
The boss may achieve others do their jobs either by obedience, money, fear to lose the job, while the leader motivate them by making them feel comfortable in the job position.
When a person tries to make a choice if it trusts other person as a leader, what it does is to watch its behavior; it determines if is a noble and trust worthy or a selfish person that only serves to itself and uses its authority to its good benefit.
So, in order to be a good leader a person should have ethics and to be concerned about the welfare of its team.
The leader must be interested on doing a good job instead of looking to earn just money.
People how want to be leaded by others are commonly looking the following attributes: 1 - Should be a person with ethics, trust worthy and noble.
2 - A person that knows what is doing and make its team believe he or she knows the path to follow to achieve the goals.
It's common to believe any one can be a leader, I've seen a lot of mistakes from fake leaders, first comes the attitude and how should be focused the goals the rest comes by its own.

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