Listen To Your Inner Wisdom And Create The Life You Truly Desire

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Have you ever thought why your life is nothing like you really want it to be? You are unhappy with the way things are going, your financial circumstances are not ideal and the inner happiness is gone and your frustration is getting bigger as you can't quite get what you want and everything just seems a little bit out of reach.
Many people would say that this is normal and that unhappiness is just part of life and something that you just have to get used to.
Since you were young you were taught to respect elders and other wiser people as this would supposedly get you more success and emotional fulfillment.
Parents, teachers, friends and other important figures in life can tell you how to live and the right way to go about things and this can be quite a pressure on you.
But just stop for a moment and consider these questions for me: who knows what is good for you? What kind of choices will make you truly happy? The person who knows the answer to these questions is you and nobody else.
When your life is controlled and manipulated by other people they become in control and you become just a simple observer, with no control over what happens in life.
In effect, you become a passenger, someone who is just in a trance and owes their life to other people.
This is not where you want to be at all.
This makes you believe that someone else will create the life of your dreams and not you, which is a completely unrealistic thought.
Subconscious programming (thoughts which are put into your head by other people) makes you digress into a trance and your inner wisdom/your heart is nullified.
This means you act like yourself.
Then it is impossible for you to live the life that you want as there are always these voices which stop you from doing so, as they warn you of the drama that is ahead if you do.
You don't listen to your inner wisdom, you are just confused by things and almost paralyzed as you just can't think of the right thing to do.
This leads you to someone else in seeking the answer to your problems.
People think they know the answer, but only you know what is best for your heart and no-one else.
They think that if it will work for them then it is the best choice for you as well which is not right at all.
Then you end up blaming other people for what goes on in your life as things don't quite work out.
A new process that I discovered over a year ago allowed me to connect myself with my heart and inner desires.
Of course, other people tell me what I should do with my life, but I just don't listen anymore.
I just live life the way I want to as I am very resilient and things will work out in the end.
The priority for me is that I want to eliminate all of my negative thoughts and be happy in life.
I feel a massive relief after the burden of confusion has been lifted and now I am in control of my own life more.

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