Of Grief and Acceptance

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Grieving from a loss is one of the most difficult feelings you have to go through when you grieve from the loss of a child, a parent, a relative, a friend, a partner or even from the loss of your pet.
You may be overcome with depression, intense sorrow, denial, pain, and guilt.
Some people grieve so much that it affects how they live because they refuse to eat, socialize, and sleep until they become ill.
Losing someone is very hard to deal with especially if you don't want to let go maybe because you don't know how to live without this person in your life but if you complement the principles of the Law of Attraction with your support group, you will be able to deal with this emotion and move on with your life.
The first step is acceptance.
You have to understand that loss, either from death or break up, is part of the realities of life.
It is something that we can't prevent from happening or have any control over.
Grieving too much won't change anything; it will just make things worst.
All it does is torture you emotionally and make you miserable.
Talk to your friends, family or go to a support group and share your thoughts with them to help you cope with your grief.
Change the way you think about your situation and that will help you accept it.
The second step is letting go.
Let go of your negative emotions and replace them with positive ones.
You don't have to forget about them because they're still a part of your memory.
Take a moment to say goodbye by offering prayers and be grateful that you were given the opportunity to experience happiness with them.
Lastly, give yourself time to heal.
This is not easy and it will take time but you can do it.
Start enjoying your life by spending time with your family and let them know how you appreciate them.
Keep yourself busy, whether from work or taking a new hobby.
Focus you attention to what you have now and give yourself a chance to experience happiness again.
It doesn't matter when you start as long as you know that it is possible to deal with grief.
Take your time to honor the memories of a loved one, and begin to create new memories with people that you are with now.
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