Attract Money With Your Actions

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Have you ever wondered why, when you are already in financial troubles, that more unexpected bills keep coming.
And, just when it can't get any worse, you find another bill in your mail box? This is because you are concentrating your thoughts on debt, and the universe is simply doing what you ask it to: sending you more debt.
If you want to begin to attract money and not bills, then you really do have to reconsider your relationship with money and what you are focusing on.
It seems easy to say that you should just change what you are thinking about, especially when all you see around you is debt.
But, if you spend time around people who are wealthy, you will find that they have a far different view of money.
First of all, they never fear that they will run out, and even if they do, they have faith that it will come back to them.
They see money and wealth as something that is owed to them, something that is actually attracted to them, no matter what they do.
You too can attract money by changing the way you think about it.
Wealthy people don't think about their bills or the amount of debt that they have, which in fact may be vast.
They only think about what wonderful things they will do with the wealth that they know they will get.
They imagine the peace and happiness that wealth will bring and how they can help others with it.
What they don't think about is paying off their bills.
By changing the way you think and feel about money, and your expectations of being wealthy, you will find that you can make the Law of Attraction work for you.
It is easy to attract money if you change your thought patterns.

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