Using the Law of Attraction to Change Your Life - Part Two

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After reading Part One of this article, you are probably eager to know just 'how' to change your life.
Well that is exactly what this article is about.
You realize that YOU are the creator of your life experience, and now that you know what you want, this article will show you how to go about attracting it! It is valuable to remember just how the Law of Attraction operates.
Put simply, it says that 'like attracts like'.
Thus, since you create your reality through your thoughts, by focusing on lack, you get more of it.
Conversely, by focusing on abundance, you get more of it.
You might be asking, "But how do I focus on abundance if it is not present in my life?" Well the answer is visualization.
This powerful act will transform your reality and here's how.
Abraham Hicks does a wonderful job in quantifying the power of visualization.
Abraham explains that just 17 seconds of pure thought is the equivalent of 2000 labor hours.
If you are not taken aback by this then I urge you to reread it! However, it gets more amazing.
After another 17 seconds of pure thought, this creative power goes up ten fold, and again after another 17 seconds! This goes on and on.
Therefore, after just 68 seconds of pure thought, you can generate the creative power of 2 million labor hours! If you are in doubt of the relevancy of the above statement, I urge you to seek out one of the many books by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I think you will be pleasantly surprised! So how do you use this amazing creative power? In two ways.
Firstly, I would set aside between ten and fifteen minutes each day and spend this time visualizing your dream life.
Try to use all 5 senses when visualizing and feel just how good it is to live out your dreams.
Not only does this process feel great, but it will transform your life experience.
If you review the above paragraph on the power of thought, it is breathtaking to think just how powerful this process can be.
However there is perhaps an even greater way to apply visualization in your life.
That is to actively visualize throughout your day.
Try to live your life now how you want it to become.
Visualize yourself as happy, healthy and wealthy.
When you are driving, visualize being in your dream car.
Feel just how good it feels to be living your dream life! But before you know it you won't be visualizing at all! Your visualization will manifest itself in your reality.
Then you can go on and create an even grander visualization.
So if the law of attraction attracts experiences based on your thoughts, then you must tip the balance of your thoughts in favour of prosperity.
Your role is to ensure that your predominant thoughts are of what you are wanting rather than what you don't want! You do this by applying the above two steps.
A quick tip I should mention is that you must not allow yourself to 'ruin the party' by wondering HOW your dreams will manifest.
By focusing on 'how' you are focusing on lack, which will be attracted into your experience! So focus on how amazing it will be when your desires manifest and feel those feelings now! I can't emphasize enough how important it is not to spend time thinking about 'how' you can manifest your desires.
The Universe will guide you to take proper action (if required) and this action will be joyous.
As leading author Joe Vitale says, the proper action will always be inspired.
So I urge you to visualize your dream life and feel how good it feels to live it now! And before you know it, the craziest thing will happen.
That dream car you visualized will be in your garage.
That new home you used to visualize is the one you live in.
That perfect relationship you longed for is the one you are in.
This is how the Law of Attraction works.
How you use this remarkable Law is through visualization.
Have fun with it, I'm sure you will.
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