How to Increase Confidence and Self-Esteem by Saying No to Negativity!

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Do you have people in your life who are negative, I mean just plain negative and all they do is whinge? You know what I'm talking about; they moan and groan about everything and anything? They complain about the weather, their aches and pains, packing on the kilos, or that their hair is never right.
They complain about the price of milk, or a person they can't stand at work, or, even their best friend.
They always have someone in the firing line ready to pounce on, and, they're always looking for someone else just like them, to hook up with, so they can really go town with their negativity.
People use negative vocabulary, and unfortunately negativity is like poisonous droplets that slowly eat away and destroy a persons self-esteem and confidence, and that of the people around them.
Take notice of the real meaning behind the words that are often used in day-to-day conversations.
The Australian Concise Oxford Dictionary definitions for: Silly; lacking in common sense or judgment; foolish Stupid; lacking intelligence or common sense Dumb; unable to speak: lacking the power of speech.
Stupid Hopeless; inadequate; incompetent; feeling or causing despair Useless; serving no purpose; having little ability or skill Idiot; a stupid person If we call ourselves or are called these names or we call our children or other people these names, even in jest, they pile up in the subconscious and become a part of our belief system.
If we constantly use or accept these words, they become poisonous droplets that douse our inner flame of self-worth.
Therefore, it is essential to be consciously aware of the words you use and attract.
Ensure they are self-loving and empowering words so that your subconscious works to produce a strong positive belief system that fuels and empowers your inner flame, giving you the confidence, courage and energy that entices you to create a positively, fulfilling and rewarding reality.
Become observant of your conversations with yourself and other people so you can recognise if you need to eliminate any words that poison your self-worth and others.
Listen more intently to how people speak to you.
Be quick to acknowledge with a smile and sincerity that you are, in fact, an extremely capable, competent, intelligent individual with amazing abilities and incredible skills.
Be quick to challenge anyone who uses those words on you by asking them to STOP! Be consistent so your subconscious and the people who use these words know it is totally unacceptable.
It's not only words such as the above that douse your flame with poisonous droplets and make you feel unworthy or inadequate, some people use intellectually big words, clever phrases and long sentences to demean you.
However, those that do this, do so to cover up their own emotional inadequacies.
They use their vocabulary as a powerful weapon to harden their shield and protect their insecurities and vulnerabilities.
If any toxic words have been used in your vocabulary, or you allow others to make you feel unworthy or inadequate with their toxic words through clever phrases or intellectual sentences, it is important to reflect on where and how this behaviour or reaction to this behaviour became a part of your life.
You may need to reflect back many years to recover them from your subconscious thoughts; it is necessary that you do acknowledge and understand where they came from and how they were used or what they may have prevented you from doing or being? This empowers you to change a long time belief; your vocabulary and the way you react to other people.
Negativity prevents you from expanding and stretching your capabilities, and it prevents you from all that you can be, so, today, I challenge you to test your negativity barometer.
I challenge you to go for 24 hours without being negative, without saying a negative word or buying into a negative conversation.
And, when you hear yourself say anything negative...
start your clock again.
This is a great exercise to improve your self esteem and confidence, and lots of fun, so invite your family members or staff members to join i!

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