4 Things You Will Get If You Smile and Laugh More in Your Daily Life

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There are countless of benefits you can get from smiling more and laughing more. Our daily life is full of tensions and pressures of all kinds. It is very easy to lose our joy and our enthusiasm when we are in pressure. Here are four things that you will get if you smile more.

If you smile more you will always be in good health.

Many sickness and health problems are caused because of lack smile in our daily life. Instead of catching decease because we don't laugh too often and go to see the doctor who will prescribe a medicine that will cost money to us, why not train ourselves to laugh more and smile more. I have heard the story of a guy named Norman Cousin who healed himself from a serious decease simply by laughing more. We can learn from Norman cousin so that we will laugh more and smile more in our daily life.

If you smile more you won't take yourself too seriously.

Yes we all know that life put a very heavy load on us: traffic jam, bill to pay, a dead line for a project, a customer to meet, a phone to do, the car to repair, and on and on. That is what we call modern life. The consequences of all this is that we are overwhelmed by our tasks and too preoccupied by how we can do all these tasks. I' am not an expert in time management but I think that if fill our day with more smile and laughing our preoccupations and all the things that bother us will not have the power to stress us and keep from us the joy of a wonderful day from us.

If you smile, you will even have the energy and the power to easily do all the activities of the day. ''Stress'' is an emotion, and this emotion come from what we focus on in our life. If we focus our mind on all the things we have to do in our daily life, surely we will become stress and too preoccupied. But if we handle our daily activities with joy and smile, we will be free of pressures.

If you smile more you will enjoy your life more

Most people seek happiness and joy in material things, but the wise man or woman seeks joy and happiness in what he or she is becoming all day long. Smiling and laughing is cheap and is more effective than anything else to bring joy and happiness to everyone's life.

If you smile more, you will attrack more friends in your life.

Do you think that a bad mood, a hard face will attack people towards you? No, people are attracted by people, who are to talk to, by somebody whose face is full of smile. If you don't smile most people will think of you as if you are hard and very difficult to deal with. You may be very kind and handsome but most people will judge you through your face who smiles often or not.

I well know that smiling and laughing is a very big assignment today. It is not easy to smile when your boss, your spouse or life are not very kind to you although you are doing your best to have a better life. Here is the secret: instead of falling in the same trap like everybody do by becoming angry, upset, why not make the effort to smile and laugh to those things that are not going in your way?

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