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How to Paint Scarves

If you are looking to combine your love of fashion with your creative side, painting scarves may be just the hobby you're craving. With some practice, you can design and make beautiful scarves in a variety of colors and endless designs. Whether you keep them for yourself, give them as gifts or hang

What Materials Are Used to Make Costume Jewelry?

Costume jewelry contains non-precious metals or a mix of non-precious metals and imitation gemstones. Costume jewelry has been around since prehistoric times in the form of shells strung on grasses or reeds and worn as necklaces. However, the golden age of costume jewelry occurred in America during

Uses for a Straight Iron

Straight irons smooth and straighten hair.Jupiterimages/Pixland/Getty ImagesStraight irons are tools you can use to create multiple hairstyles. Also known as a flat iron, the straight iron can be a multipurpose tool with applications far beyond just straightening. Depending on your...

Pippa and Bridesmaids in the Carriage Procession

Pictures of the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton - or Princess Catherine as most will call her. Pictures of the ceremony, wedding dresses, family, engagement, and more.

Where To Get Cheap Keratin Hair Treatment

People have been getting hooked on Keratin treatments. So many of my friends have been taking their dry and damaged hair; treating it with the complex smoothing therapy to make it straight, silky, and healthy. In spite of the downward shift in the economy, the Keratin straightening and smoothing tre

Skin Problems in Adults

Skin problems usually effect people who are going through puberty, but many people do not realize that acne and skin eruptions can also effect adults. Luckily, there are a few methods that can treat adult skin problems quickly and effectively.

Guess Outlet Stores in Florida

Looking for Guess outlet stores in Florida? Have a look at this list of Guess outlets in Florida, and while you're at it, you can check for other shoe outlet stores in the area.

How to Use Massage to Improve Sleep

Often, in the quest for beauty, we forget one simple, but important, part of our body care routine: Sleep. Sleep is a natural state that allows the body to relax and regenerate damaged and tired cells. Giving yourself a quick 5 to 10 minute self massage before bedtime can help you rest and recupera

Look 3

You may not have heard of the brand Paris68, but after their runway show on February 18th - with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel sitting front row - the company is poised to become a major player. The line is designed by Marcella Lindeberg, who with her husband Johan have worked with the aforemen

Beautiful, Elegant and Classy Black Hair Wedding Styles

There are many choices for black wedding hair styles, but you should always go for the look that best suits your features. A simple flip, an afro, a basket weave, or an elegant up-do are some of the wedding hair styles you can have to look more beautiful, and classy on your wedding day.

Extensions Made With Human Hair

With more and more women becoming increasingly fashion-conscious, the need to alter hairstyles assumes great importance. One has to move from long hair to short and then back again, just as the stars do. How do you think they manage to change their hairstyles at such frequent intervals? Hair certain

How to Remove Links From Fossil Watchbands

Fossil uses SmartLink watchbands with a bevy of its watch models. Removing links from these Fossil watchbands is different, in that the friction on the pins in its watchband links is in the middle, as opposed to where the friction is on the pins in most other watchband links: at one end of the (fric

What Is the Science Behind Self Tanners?

If you want a tan, self tanners are safer than the sun or tanning beds because self tanners tan skin without emitting UV rays that can damage skin. They merely stain the skin's outer layer, according to Beauty and Nutrition.Self tanners come in creams, gels, mousses, sprays and towelette

New Organic Recipes To Treat Your Feet

Skin Care is an all over body process because your skin is the largest and most protective organ you have.Your feet are especially vulnerable because they take constant abuse from friction and elements but they do not produce sebum, which is your bodys natural oil.

How to Adjust a Grohe Shower

Grohe shower faucets allow users to set the temperature to the perfect setting by adjusting a dial inside the faucet. This dial is fairly advanced so adjusting the temperature on your Grohe shower is not very difficult. It will involve disassembling the faucet, though, in order to reach the dial. So

Short Emo Haircuts for Girls With Bangs

The short emo haircuts for girls with bangs are usually uneven and irregular styles that are easily achieved. With a foundation of jet black hair, bold, colorful highlights and a refusal to conform to the current trends in hair salon styles, there are several styles of short, emo haircuts for girls