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Cloth Diapering on a Dime

Everyone has their own set of reasons for cloth diapering their children, including but not limited to - environmental conservation, cutting back on chemical exposure, vanity and increasingly ever-popular saving money! Over the life of a child, cloth diapering can save thousands upon thousands of do

Infant Safety Seat - Killer Tips to Select the Best Seat

Purchasing the best type of infant safety seat can be quite confusing. It is essential to look at various features before making a successful purchase. There are many important parameters and features that must be checked to ensure perfect purchase. The car seats for infants are available in differe

What to Look For When Hiring a Nanny

There are many women who claim to be nannies, but it takes a special set of skills and talent to be a good nanny. Whether you need a professional baby nurse for your newborn or an older lady to care for a few teenagers, you need to know what to look for when hiring a nanny.

How to Create Virtual Avatars for Teenage Girls

Creating personalized avatars online is a great way to express yourself while still staying anonymous in a sense, which can help protect your real identity. Avatar building websites and free editors are available online for anyone with Internet access. Most virtual avatars for teen girls are customi

How to Use a Protect-A-Bub Canopy

Named for the Australian nickname for an infant, "bub," Protect-A-Bub (a company from the same country) makes canopies that can shield your youngster from the sun's rays. Protect-A-Bub's "Classic Sunshade" model is billed as the largest canopy-style UV-protective sunshade on the market, with the hig

Crafts For Pre-K

By the time a child reaches pre-kindergarten, she is 3 or 4 years old. During these years, children continue to learn about the world around them and are full of questions, from why things happen to how things work. Support their curiosity to learn by answering their questions and completing crafts

How to Have a Meaningful Conversation With a Troubled Teen

Adolescents struggle for many reasons, including mental illness, family trouble, school, social pressures, and the simple fact that being a teen is hard even under the best circumstances. Teenagers tend to withdraw, shunning their parents and other adults and opening up only to a few trusted friends

Nico & Lola, a Dog Book for Children

There's nothing like a dog book to win a child's heart, and Nico & Lola not only charms but also teaches a valuable lesson about kindness.

Rising to a Successful Parental Role (Part 2)

Modeling is also a step towards the right direction in parenting. It is important that we serve as examples for what want our children to view as right. One way to use modeling is show children that each parent holds the other in high regard. The children must be shown that each parent respects that

What is a Cloth Diaper Liner?

You may want to use a cloth diaper liner for cleaning convenience or to protect your cloth diapers from some lotions or creams. What is a diaper liner?

Lands' End Outerwear

Do you have any of these unsafe items in your home? Do you know anyone who does? All of these items have been recalled because they are dangerous to your children or your family. If you see a picture of something you own, stop using it immediately. Each image has a link to full recall information so

Plant a Garden

Other parents share their money saving tips. Reward yourself and save with a backyard garden.

How to Deal With Various Baby Cot Bedding Choices For Your Little Boy Or Girl

There are several baby cot bedding choices available for everyone. Some would choose between Western or Asian designs. Others look for those with puppy prints or cat prints. Some prefer beddings with Disney characters, superheroes, cars, flowers, dots and others as designs. A number of individuals f