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Discover Herbs For ADHD - Are They Really Safe?

Have you read about this recently? Apparently many parents are experimenting with herbal treatments to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD in their child. Herbs for ADHD are nothing new but what many people don't realize is that homemade herbal treatments and herbal supplements can actually be just

About ADHD Statistics in Children

ADHD is the accepted acronym for a condition called "Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder." The disorder is common in children and is usually diagnosed when a child struggles to concentrate on tasks, pay attention or sit still. All children can be rambunctious and inattentive at times, but ADHD

What Happens In The Brain When You Are Anxious?

You must have heard and read that anxiety has a profound effect on the person's brain, and that it is all in the mind. But in reality, what exactly happens in the brain when someone gets an anxiety attack?

Early & Long-Term Effects of Child Abuse

Three million cases of child abuse were reported in 2007 in the United States, according to the Child Help website. Child abuse is not always obvious. Sexual abuse and emotional abuse don't show themselves in the form of bruises and marks on the body. Abuse affects a child's behavior and physical an

Teaching Children With ADHD - Interesting Facts Plus Eleven Simple Suggestions

Teaching children with ADHD is a challenging, and sometimes frustrating, endeavor that can leave both educators and parent exhausted and searching for answers. In this article we will cover a few different areas that directly impacting teaching children with ADHD and offer eleven suggestions that yo

Is Your Health Determined by the Stars?

Vedic medical astrology provides a key to the diagnosis and prevention of disease far beyond the scope of modern medical science. Modern medical science has successfully found cures for many diseases, and developed many procedures to put our bodies back together.

Treatment Planning and Action Steps Against Discouragement

Help the person understand that God uses our trials to shape our personal and spiritual lives for the better, and for His glory. Paul tells us, We know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

Signs & Symptoms of the Fear of Public Speaking

The fear of public speaking is so common, it has a name: glossophobia. According to the website Speech Topics Help, speaking in public ranks as Americans' biggest fear, above even the fear of death. It is normal to be afraid or stressed before speaking in front of a group. It becomes a...

What is Phalloplasty?

Phalloplasty is cosmetic surgery on the penis. There are several different types of phalloplasty intended for different purposes. A person who has a phalloplasty isn't necessarily trying to be "bigger and better" than other men. Some men may require the surgery to repair a defect or injury.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal communication is the type of communication carried out without using any words. It is not always deliberate kind of communication. Unlike verbal communication, the intended message may not reach the receiver in this mode of communication. Here the participants subconsciously use gestures,

How to Calm Children with Sensory Processing Disorder

Children with Sensory Processing Disorder (also known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction) often have difficulties regulating their energy levels. Many times they can appear "silly" or "hyper", while at other times they seem overly tired and low. A series of activities/therapies called "sensory die

What Are the Dangers of an Anxiety Attack?

During an anxiety attack, a flood of stimulant hormones, like adrenaline, cortical and many more, are released into the blood stream. The sudden change in the body affects the physical, mental and emotional well-being of a person. The attacks often occur simultaneously and generally peak within ten

Natural Cure for Depression

As prescription drug pricing continues to climb more and more people are seeking alternative means to treating their depression. Perhaps the most popular of these alternative methods is a natural cure for depression. These include ...

Elephant in the Room: The Success Myth in Psychotherapy

In and out of the Mental Health field, we have been taught to believe that success for psychotherapy means helping to develop a "healthy, productive member of society." For people who have been multiply wounded early in life, or those with less resilient temperaments, or those with ongoing

Top 5 Reasons of Anxiety Attacks

Anxiety attacks is a mental disorder which is faced my many people these days. This article will highlight top reasons that can cause anxiety and stress attacks.

Medications Used for Depression

Depression is experienced by around 15 percent of Americans at some point during their lives. (See Reference 2) It is thought to be caused by low activity of neurotransmitters such as serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine in the mood centers of the brain and is often effectively treated with one o

Facts Relating to Panic Attacks While Sleeping

Dramatic or drastic changes in life can actually cause such problems. Changes like demotion at the workplace or getting terminated from work, a beginning of a new job, break up with the boyfriend or girlfriend, or the sudden demise of a loved one, etc. will be some of the reasons for panic attacks w