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The First Component of Influence

Most of the time people make decisions based on their memories of past experiences. Therefore, it would make sense to begin the influence process based on that data. What's interesting though is most people don't remember events the way they actually happened; they formulate their own memo

Change Your Association

Do you know any people who seem to attract bad luck? I had a friend years ago that just could not seem to get it together. He was in and out of jobs, had poor ...

Lead by Listening

Listening does not immediately spring to mind when listing the most important qualities of a leader. But followers clearly value a leader who listens. Leadership begins with listening.

From Introvert To Extrovert In 4 Easy Steps

Being an introvert sure can complicate your life. Being too quiet and shy stops you from doing the things you want. It stunts your emotional and social development. Here are four easy steps to change from introvert to extrovert.

Your Emotions Affect The Planet!

Did you know that your emotions affect the planet? Yes, you sitting there reading this message have an effect upon the planet! Whenever we think with negative emotions we are affecting the mass consciousness of the world. This has been proven scientifically that there is a mass consciousness and wha

Attract Money With Your Actions

Have you ever wondered why, when you are already in financial troubles, that more unexpected bills keep coming. And, just when it can't get any worse, you find another bill in your mail box?


This article is designed to raise the consciousness of the public speaker regarding certain abilities that he or she might not even know that they possess. As well as the affect that their speaking ab

Reach Your Goal by Affirming and Visualizing!

Your thoughts determine whether you reach your goal or not. If you are constantly in a negative state of mind or succumb to fears and doubts, then your goal will remain far from your reach. But if you feed your mind with positive thoughts and imagine yourself having reached that goal already, then y

Love Spells - The Herbal Way

Life, is full of hopes and desires, however, the circumstances might not be favorable as always. It leaves you dejected and situations override your heart-felt wishes. Should you surrender to the unknown forces that you anticipate are beyond your control?

Why Christians Shouldn't Gamble

Why do you think a Christian shouldn't gamble? What are the tests of whether you should do something or not, gambling or otherwise? Read on, and explore this vital subject with me.


In the year 2005, 3 Finnish students who had just won a competitors with regards to advancement of mobile video games have been steered towards establishing their very own business acknowledged by the title Rovio ...